Head of the Hooch 2019

Due to ongoing construction under the bridge, the format for HOTH will once again be constrained – we will only have a small amount of spaces for food trucks, and will be using a portion of the River Market / plaza for arts/crafts.

2019 Vendor Fees:

  • Food Trucks: 20% of Sales
  • Arts/Crafts: $50 for Saturday (flat fee)

To indicate your desire to participate, please contact our help desk (help@publicmarkets.us) with the subject “Head of the Hooch”. We will be hand-selecting the food trucks and artisans based on Points/HOTH history. Setup instructions will be shared with selected vendors.

I wish to participate in the head of the hooch

Jack and Ellie Pickett

What is the time frame for this event, I would love to participate? Ty

please lets us know when we can register for hooch

Registration for the Hooch is now live here:

As a brief reminder to our new guests who might be excited about participating in the Hooch - you must be an approved market vendor prior to registering for this event.