New Drink/Ice Order Process for Food Trucks/Vendors

Starting this weekend we will be changing the process in which we receive and deliver drink and ice orders from Food Trucks/Vendors.

We will accept and deliver drink and ice orders from 8 to 9:30 am. After 9:30 am drink and ice orders will be placed on hold until 11 am. This is to make sure our crew has ample time to ensure the market is set-up before 11 am and to streamline the amount of time we are spending on drink orders.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email

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That does not work when we are not parked until after 9:30 and with all of the people at roll call we can’t get to the desk. Can I just put in a standing order for 5 bags of ice for every week?

It’s indeed an issue – the 9:30am-11am timespan is compressed with activity, thus the need for something to change. But I like your idea of a standing order – would you want for the ice to be delivered before you arrive, around 9:30am each day or after they finish stage setup/assembly (closer to 11am)? It seems like 9:30am would be better for you (if crowds are arriving at 10am), but you might have some ice meltage as the weather grows warmer

Yes…I think that it would work best for us to have the 9:30 standing order delivery. They are looking to get our tea early. We are always there, but can’t get pulled in. We will be early this week, but from now on we can just start pulling a cooler out while we are waiting and can put the ice in it.

I think that will work. We’ll discuss your (great) idea more during our staff meeting this week.

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