Canopy top for 10' by 10' tents

Canopy TOP (for 10’ by 10’ canopy) - - dark grey top, silver underside. In mint, clean condition – free to a fellow vendor who needs it.

Fits standard 10’ by 10’ tents.

Leave a message if you’d like to claim it ~

edit: we never use our canopy top for Chatt market; it came with our new backup tent frame and would prefer to get the canopy someone who will use it ~


I accidentally left my top at the market a couple of months ago. We looked for it and it was most likely thrown out. I have a frame that’s literally brand new. I used it twice. I just bought a whole new tent. If someone wants my fame, they could have a brand new tent! My frame is from academy and is in the cover. They will have to pick it up in Hixson because I can’t fit it in my car with the rest of my show stuff.

I’ll take it if no one else has claimed it yet!

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Hey Austin: sent you a message :blush:

Our BestChoice dark grey canopy top has been reserved.

There is a comment above by Tracie having a canopy frame available, for anyone who may need a frame-only.