Chattanooga Market Season Pass 2022

We haven’t had roll call at Chattanooga Market in several years; all daily registrations (vs season passes) are preassigned, and yes - you can arrive early and setup. But you won’t necessarily know where you will be, so a check-in is always required.

Edit/Correction: there is still a roll call, but it is not the roll call of year’s past – it’s strictly the leftovers for those who either are waiting to see if an interior spot was not occupied (by a no-show), or for someone who did not register at all and just wants to see if we have room for them.

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This is correct. We have some vendors who prefer River over Chattanooga; Chattanooga is not everyone’s cup of tea


Thanks for the info Chris!

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Ok so if I don’t do a season pass when during the week can I sign up? Thanks again.

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Sure, anyone can sign up for markets using our RSVP system just like it’s happened in the past. At this very moment, you can signup for River Markets (River Market Registration). The same process does/will exist for Chattanooga Market.

There are always tradeoffs. If you do a good job with registering well in advance (not the week of, but several weeks out) you should be OK. But if you look at River Market today, the week of March 12 is already at capacity, but not the subsequent weeks.

The Season Pass holders have guaranteed access (they are already registered/paid for those dates), and everyone else is on an ad hoc, as desired, basis. The Fear Of Missing Out is definitely a factor for some, but less of an issue for others. You have to decide what your goals are, and how important it is to attend every date. For some, it’s very important - for others, less so. There is no financial difference to us, so it’s strictly a personal preference to you.

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I found a post with the map of the areas that were renumbered last year. Kei your booth location is listed.

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Thank you Cindy I will look when I get home. This stupid phone isn’t showing it

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I just registered so will we be billed or do I need to sign up on that web page it pulled up after form submitted?

Ah, that’s a good question - I left out some important details.

Season Pass Applications will close on March 13, and we will begin invoicing selected/eligible vendors the following week.

Once we understand how many booth spaces remain, we will begin Registration for Opening Weekend on/before March 24. I expect this to sellout quickly; regardless, open registration will close on April 8 to allow for the starting paperwork/map to be created (it does take a lot of time/effort)

Moving forward, we will resume our rolling 6-8 week enrollment window; all May dates will be open for registration around April 1, June dates on May 1, etc.

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Could you post a map of the space numbers of the market from last year?

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Also here requesting a map and if possible like the one shared last year where it shows what spaces are already reserved. The map link above doesn’t show the full pavilion. Thanks for all you do Chris! We appreciate your continued efforts :slight_smile:

Ignore the colors/taken indicators – this is a snapshot from a November, 2021 market


There is no issue getting our same booth, correct?

The over lap in the river and sunday markets, is it one or the other ,or can we do river on Saturday And the Chatt, market on sunday only?

Most likely, Greg. Some have the ability to run both simultaneously, others will need to choose. Setup (and thus booth assignment) will occur on Friday for the Chattanooga Market Opening Weekend; we will have room for others on Sunday only, but not necessarily in the same spot you would have been in if you were to attend both days. A full market appearance for the entire weekend is important

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Chris will we be given any choices in booths? We did not have a reserved booth last year. Penny

Yes. Accepted and paid season pass holders will be provided an opportunity to select their spot from the available pool

Hello! I am new here and trying to learn and gather as much info as possible. I’ve submitted all paperwork and paid initial $50 registration fee. What is my next step? Should I wait and see if I’ve been accepted as a new vendor? And if so where do I find dates to register for selected days? Thank you for your help. I am sorry if you already answered that question in previous threads. I am really excited about this market!

Glad. you are excited - look forward to meeting you. Hang tight, we will get to you – it can take several weeks.

Hi there! This is Kristen Von Glahn with Lambie Cakes Clay. We would love to have a season pass but the link isn’t loading to allow me to register. What do I do?

Kristen Von Glahn