Chattanooga Market - Applications, Dates, Layout

The map image got clipped a bit, but progress on our 2023 Market Season is going well. Our Season Pass program has focused on the top performance/attendance participants, resulting in a solid core which should remain vibrant every weekend. Our confirmed and pending spots constitute about two-thirds of our total capacity, and 85% of our indoor occupancy. We still have ample indoor and outdoor room for additional food trucks, farms and artisans, but walk-up opportunities will be limited.

Historically, most everyone who wanted to participate in our events was able to do so if they registered early; I believe that will also be the case this season, albeit with a tight spot or two around the major events. With that in mind, Opening Weekend Registration will begin on Wednesday March 1, 2023.. If you are not eligible or participating in the Season Pass program, you might want to mark your calendar to signup.

We have space set aside for our new and returning farms - we also have created some additional outdoor booth locations under the shade trees in the front/northern-side of the pavilion. Farm parking will be on the south patio/gravel road side of the building (more details on that to follow).

Thanks to everyone who reached out – and to the two dozen new applicants we have already interacted with this season. There are some pretty fantastic ideas/businesses in the bunch, and I’m looking forward to meeting many of them soon.

Have a great weekend


Thanks, Chris! We appreciate the info.

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Do you have to be invited to apply for a season spot or do we apply? We were vendors last season.
Empty Nest Treats

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Hey Karen,

You had a great 2022 debut season, and will likely be eligible for the Season Pass at the conclusion of this season if you stay consistent with your past attendance/performance. It is clear from your sales that you learned how to adapt to the unique market environment as the season progressed – I think you will hit the the ground running this year.

Just continue as you have been doing (with the monthly registrations), and you will be fine.

Thanks for the information. I am a new vendor that would like to be part of the market. How do I signup as a new vendor? Do I need to wait until March 1?

Kevin, check out the vendor handbook – here is the starting point:

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Hey Chris,

Happy New Year!

Trying to find out what it costs for a permanent spot, and short of that, when can I sign up?

Matt Sorrentino
Appalachia Wood

Hi, i applied February 1st and paid the $75.00 fee to become a new vendor. I noticed that it was noted that the new vendors have been reached out to? Are you sending emails out to those who have already applied or commenting in here? Thanks! :blush:

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The forum automatically emails everyone who has registered. It can take several weeks to complete the application process


Will I need to sign up for Opening Day, or will I automatically be included?
I don’t want to miss it.

Thank you,
Susan Parry

Yes, I was wondering this too

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Hi I just found this ( scroll up to Feb 3 from Chris Thomas
" Opening Weekend Registration will begin on Wednesday March 1, 2023. . If you are not eligible or participating in the Season Pass program, you might want to mark your calendar to signup. “I understand as Season Pass Opening Weekend is Included”

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But, how do we tell you that we will be there for open day? Will you assume that we’ll be there unless we tell you otherwise?
I’m going to be there.

Thank you again,

Hey Susan, good question, absolutely no clue lol… Sara, Chris…well this is a mystery we cannot find an answer too! .,.yoohoo help

If you have a confirmed season pass, then your spot is reserved/confirmed – no further action necessary.

If you do not have a season pass, then you will need to register using the vendor portal around March 1 – that is the only mechanism available to provide you with a spot. If you do not have a Season Pass, and do not register online using the vendor portal, then you will not have a spot available.

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Chris? Can you help me with this? I am interested in a permanant spot. I did not participate during covid, but started coming back after. I think I have 100 points plus.

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