Chattanooga Market Season Pass 2022

There is no issue getting our same booth, correct?

The over lap in the river and sunday markets, is it one or the other ,or can we do river on Saturday And the Chatt, market on sunday only?

Most likely, Greg. Some have the ability to run both simultaneously, others will need to choose. Setup (and thus booth assignment) will occur on Friday for the Chattanooga Market Opening Weekend; we will have room for others on Sunday only, but not necessarily in the same spot you would have been in if you were to attend both days. A full market appearance for the entire weekend is important

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Chris will we be given any choices in booths? We did not have a reserved booth last year. Penny

Yes. Accepted and paid season pass holders will be provided an opportunity to select their spot from the available pool

Hello! I am new here and trying to learn and gather as much info as possible. I’ve submitted all paperwork and paid initial $50 registration fee. What is my next step? Should I wait and see if I’ve been accepted as a new vendor? And if so where do I find dates to register for selected days? Thank you for your help. I am sorry if you already answered that question in previous threads. I am really excited about this market!

Glad. you are excited - look forward to meeting you. Hang tight, we will get to you – it can take several weeks.

Hi there! This is Kristen Von Glahn with Lambie Cakes Clay. We would love to have a season pass but the link isn’t loading to allow me to register. What do I do?

Kristen Von Glahn

You missed the deadline – we’re shifting into Open Registration mode for the season. Perhaps next year!


I applied a few weeks ago when I saw it online.
Do I need to apply again to make sure I’m in your system?
Thank you,
Susan Parry

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We are still working on the list – you will get invoiced soon!

Sorry to be late. I was wondering if this is still open. I have been tied up with keith’s stroke that I haven’t been around to check information. Keith is finally home and driving again so I wanted to get him started. Let me know if still open to purchase season pass if not thanks anyway.

Jessica Miller
Halo Dips

Thank you
I appreciate you letting me know

Chris, I noticed that May 28th and 29th are listed as dates included in the season pass. What happens on the 28th? I see the 29th is the Street Food Festival. Thanks

Ah, an error - removed. Thanks for pointing it out

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Hi Chris… I want to clearly understand the priority points as it pertains to eligibility for season passes. Are these points based on the number of markets a vendor has attended? Are there a combination of factors that equate to the priority points?

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Thank you, Chris! This provides clarity.
Where can I find my status?

contact the help desk for individual inquiries

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If we have a season pass, do we have to also sign up for the opening weekend?
Jack Pickett