Chattanooga Market Season Pass/Reserved Booths 2022

I’m pleased to share our Season Pass holders for 2022 – and their Reserved Booths. All returning SP members retain their previous locations, and new SP holders either selected or assigned locations based on preference/selection and category.

I won’t go into all of the restrictions/variances here, but F row is non-reservable (those folks assigned to F know that, and are aware of the consequences during events that use the space differently) and all booths are our standard 10x10; only outside booths are eligible for a larger footprint.

A Season Pass is the only method for influencing your booth placement; all others will be assigned at random, with interior booth locations being allocated to the higher Priority Point vendors. At this point in our history, you need to have over 500 priority points to be considered “well established” and the open registration entry point to the pavilion will likely be closer to 100 points (this will vary by season). Our more senior vendors have surpassed 1,000 points! Each major category (food trucks, farms, arts/crafts) have different leaders, and are treated separately – each section protected from the next.

A map for Opening Weekend is being built, and will be published early next week; we are at capacity, and there will not be any room for walk-ups. This season is going to be absolutely incredible, so hold on tight and please register well in advance.

Account Name Chattanooga Reserved Booth
Alessandro’s Italian Artisan Bakery I33
Angel Skin Body Care H16
Art Farm H18
Baker Family Pastures E50
Barton Creek farms C44
Bluff View Bakery D31
Bo Peeps Black Sheep D24
Britt’s Leather Hats I22
Burlaep A18
Chattanooga Brew Brew A35
Chattanooga Brew Brew K2
Cheiman Tea C28
Cluster Funk Studio H12
Cocoa Asante K35
Connie Roberts Fine Art C24
Connie’s Creations D18
Creative Metal Adornments C26
CrumbleBerry C30
CW Woodworking H25
Daylilies F33
DIckey Farms D39
DM Woodturning H21
Doug McCoy Art C16
Edna’s Daughter K32
Faces By Deb C6
FarmtoMed F23
Federal Bake Shop F21
Frik and Frak I34
Full Circle Candle H29
Green Skull Designs D14
Grumpy Old Goat K28
Hazelrig Orchards H38
High Road Soap D26
I Love Tacos CC1
John Arnemann D9
KB Artisans and Forge H13
Kei’s Crafty Tearalins A15
Kevin Livingood Photography H27
Lily Pond Lapidary I29
Luna Bijou Studio D10
Lupi’s (HOLD) K3
Macrame by Betsy Laurent C21
Marshall and Rose A21
Melon Patch F37
Miller’s Lemonade C42
Miller’s Lemonade J1
Mini Kitty Designs I9
Mix It Up C35
Moccasin Bend Soap Company C18
Molly’s Sweet Shop K39
Monster Cookies K37
Myers Beef Farm K33
Noke’s Granola D28
Nonni’s Empanadas K4
Oliver Family Business I23
P & D Jewelry H23
Pa Flowers F30
Photography by Chris Schniering H14
Pie R Square K38
Ramble on Design F20
Red Clay Farm H36
Riedel Gallery I16
Rosemary Knoll H34
Ryan’s Pepperworks K34
Sassy Sweets K30
Seasons I18
Simply Southern Bakery H33
Sky Dog Boutique H10
Sleepy Hollow Farm K27
Sowing Seeds Farm H30
Steven Llorca Creative Media D21
StoneLink Designs I27
Suga’s I30
Sugar Shoppe D34
Susan Parry Designs I25
Sweet Sue I10
The Kettlecorn Man O44
The Leather Underground I21
The Milk Lady K36
VSOutdoorSnaps A12
Wanderlust and Wolf D16
Wise Leatherworks and Jewelry C14
Zocalo I37


Hi Chris… who specifically am I contacting to determine what my Priority Points are? I thought I’d reached out to admin, but I never got a response.

Thanks! It’s going to be a great year!

I personally responded to you; check your spam folder in email

Thanks for the info. One of my crew members called me to say did I know the market would run Saturday and Sunday till November lol. I told him either the broadcaster got it wrong or he heard wrong.

Ha, we must always defer Saturdays to UTC Football – so that plan wouldn’t work. One reason we’ve built up the River Market so nicely