Folding grid walls for sale

I have 10 folding Grid And Go grid walls from Specialty Store Services for sale. The set comes with one starter wall and 9 add on walls and will give you 2 full 10’ wall sections for displaying or a 10’ back wall and 2 partial sidewalls depending on your booth set up. Each wall section is 24" wide and 6’ tall.

These walls fold in half and fit in a storage bag with carrying handles- great if you have limited vehicle space. They come with “T” legs with adjustable leveling feet and easily connect together- no zip ties or accordioning needed! I also have some “L” shaped legs I can throw in for when you have to set up against a wall, curb, or other obstacle that will not allow “T” legs without sacrificing some of your booth space. These super sturdy walls stand freely in a straight line or in any configuration you may need.

I am selling these all together for $600 which is almost half price ($1118.45 new with shipping to Chattanooga). I only used them about 20 times so they are like new. Please call if you are interested, I am local here in Chattanooga. Heather (404) 428-2792

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 13-39-37 Patented 3 Inch Grid Folding Display Rack - Grid & Go Wire Grid
Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 13-38-55 Grid N Go Plus Add-On Unit Specialty Store Services
Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 13-40-03 ImageDisplay
Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 13-42-16 L-Leg For The Grid & Go Diplay Specialty Store Services

Hey Heather, what color? Can you upload a photo?

Hello Angela, I will certainly try! I couldn’t figure it out earlier but I will give it another go…

Ok, so these are screen shots of the exact ones that I have, bag and all. It was just easier to screen shot the good quality photos they have but I can try and take photos of mine tomorrow when I can pull them out into the sunlight and post those as well!

Hey the screen shot works fine. Definitely more than I wanted. They are great though. Good luck, I’m sure someone can use them.

See you at market