Head of the Hooch 2022 Enrollments

2022 Head of the Hooch will be held on Saturday, November 5-6. Vendors were previously asked to respond to an interest form, and from those results we have selected the participating vendors. Please review the details in this post PRIOR to registering up for the event. No refunds will be given for booth fees if you are unable or choose not to participate.

  • You must stay for the duration of the event (10:00 am - 6:00 pm). There will be a late load out post-event for safety reasons.
  • Food vendors may begin service prior to 10:00 am; breakfast is often a positive item. All other vendors may open at 10:00 am.
  • For this event, food vendors will pay a 20% commission in addition to their booth fee. All other vendors will pay 10% commission in addition to their booth fee. There is no sales cap for this event.
  • River reserved booth vendors - this event is NOT included in your yearly package.


  • You will load in on Friday, November 5th (times listed below). Overnight security will be provided.
  • Overnight power will come at the additional cost of $200 $100 per line (bring your own extension cables). You will be invoiced upon sign up via Quickbooks if you select this option on Sign Up Genius. Power can be share with another food vendor at your own risk.
  • Only quiet generations will be allowed during the event. Loud generators will be sent home.

How to Register
Sarah is adding the selected vendors into a restricted enrollment form on Signup Genius, and will be emailing you instructions today; you must use the same email address, or access will be denied. If you have any problems, contact the help desk.

Failure to register and pay your setup fees online in a timely manner will result in your slot being dropped, and another from the waitlist added.

Selected Artisans
I believe we found space for all currently active artisan vendors who indicated their desire to participate; inactive or first-time vendors were not accommodated. This list is too lengthy to post here; check your email for details.

Food vendors were selected based on seniority, past sales at the Hooch and Oktoberfest sales, and overall season participation levels.

Food Vendors, Selected for both Saturday and Sunday

  • Spill the Beans
  • Miller’s Lemonade
  • Fro Daddy Donuts
  • Windy City
  • Jonny Poppers
  • Joyful Hearts
  • Kenny’s Smokehouse
  • Repicis
  • Off the Cart

For this food truck group only: Setup Friday, Nov 5 noon-3pm, entrance on Chestnut near Hennen’s. Do not enter from any entrance on Riverfront. Contact the Help Desk if you have any conflicts with these times, or if you wish to only participate on Saturday.

Food Vendors, Selected for Saturday only

  • I Love Tacos
  • Dad’s BBQ
  • Chattanooga Kombucha
  • Fud Vybez
  • Final Girl Vegan
  • Nonni’s Empanadas

For this food truck group only: Setup Friday, Nov 5 3pm-6pm, entrance on Chestnut near Hennen’s. Do not enter from any entrance on Riverfront. Contact the Help Desk if you have any conflicts with these times.

Food Vendors, Waiting List (in order)

  • Bopcha
  • Go Gyro Go
  • Low Country
  • Cart/Seoul
  • Waffle Iron

A final reminder: quiet generators only. You absolutely can not participate in this event with a loud generator. You will be sent home without any fee refund. Do not register if you can not meet this requirement.



What is the load in time for Saturday morning?

Ah, good question – we will follow the normal River Market Setup timeline:


What are the amps on the overnight electric for the food trucks?

generally a 110v 10amp; if you need something more, it can be arranged by their electrician but I really won’t know how to estimate that cost. We’re taking a stab at the 110s and guessing at the cost share; it’s definitely expensive

Is there anyone willing to swap Saturday for Sunday. I’m currently double booked for Saturday and won’t be able to attend on Saturday.

Is this event only for Saturday Nov. 5 for the vendors who set up to sell? Not Sunday also?

Correct. Only a few food trucks needed for Sunday. All of the colleges leave Saturday night

I got my TWO 6500 Briggs and Stratton quiet generators this week so I’m set for alllllll the events that require them!! :clap::clap::clap:
Sissi The Waffle Iron!

Can I set up Friday night? If so, how late is the latest I can show up Friday night and there still be someone there who can tell me where I need to set up?

Eric — no, arts/crafts will setup on Saturday starting at 8am. Food trucks only will be setting up on Friday