Market Report 10/30

We had a really cute weekend - I enjoy seeing all of the community show up to the Market in costume, with our without kids! I believe as many adults show up in costume as the kiddos… over the years, the Haunted Market has turned out to be a super fun event.

Sales were solid, too – $92k overall. Frankly, I was a bit surprised by the numbers – it felt slower – but that’s one reason I share the averages… the actual stats reveal the truth:

I keep waiting for the season to slow… and with the fade of our farms, there definitely will be fewer sales each week. But we’ve had an exceptional season, and I continue to be impressed by the strength of the economy and of our markets. Fingers crossed that the world doesn’t go off the rails over the winter!

Holiday Market Update
Based on our review of pending applications/interest, it appears that Holiday Market is sold out. We are notifying a few people who have not finished their payment/enrollment process that their space will be forfeited if we don’t hear back (so it’s possible that a couple more spots might still be available), but for now we are halting all new enrollments.

We will notify the vendor forum if additional Holiday Market booths become available. At this time, we believe we are sold out.

It is important that you respond to emails about your status, and pending payments, in a timely manner. Failure to respond will result in a forfeiture of prior payments and your Holiday Market booth space. We can’t read minds! If there is an issue (ie, you don’t have the cash just yet) let us know – we’re not heartless. But we need to know what’s going on; no response = removal.

The Final Countdown

There are only three weeks left in our regular season, then another three weeks indoors at the trade center! What a year! I’ll be sharing the early Spring dates soon, as we’re busy locking in the SipTN Wine Festival, Opening Weekends for River and Chattanooga, and the 2023 Erlanger schedules. It’s going to be a fun 2023