River Market - April Registrations

April 2022 registrations for River Market are now available; thanks for your patience – we’re almost caught up with our paperwork!

Click RSVP from the forum to access the registration page…


How do we sign up? I went to the RSVP and Sign Up Genius but it says it is restricted on who can sign up . It was my understanding if we participated in the Sunday Market, we are eligible to do the River Market too. Thanks!

Contact the Help Desk to have your account added to River Market eligibility

I’ve never done the river market but I’m signed up for the orientation this Sunday. I’ve done the Sunday market but thought I had to do an orientation anyway for the river market.
It’s been a while since I did the Sunday market. We didn’t have to pay in advance when I did it, but now we do?? Everything I make is breakable so I am very much dependent on the weather conditions before deciding whether or not to do a show.

Hi Marian,

Yes, we’ve found that collecting prepayment of setup fees dramatically reduces our “no show” registrants, which in turn helps to maximize the opportunity for vendors who want to attend (and are responsible enough to show up). Although a break from the past, it’s proven to be a very good improvement.

You can still “walk up” to some markets, but space isn’t guaranteed. River specifically tends to have a bit of space available after the initial Spring rush – around May/June. The March/April markets are generally sold-out.

I understand the desire to insure people who register for an event to actually show up. But I hope you aren’t classifying everyone who signs up but does not attend as irresponsible. As a vendor who, everything I make is breakable, I am guilty of backing out of attending a show if the weather is iffy. I have had hundreds of dollars of damage when a storm kicked up even though I had staked down my booth. I am sure every vendor that signs up wants to have a great day. The market is a lot of fun and I really enjoy attending but not if the weather is going to be bad. Too bad they still cannot accurately predict a week in advance. I will still attend the market because as I said, I do enjoy it. But it will hurt to loose the sign-up fee if the weather makes it scary to attend.

Chris, I had a senior moment and should have known better. I signed up for the River Market for 9, 16, and 23 April earlier today, and should have done 16, 23, and 30 April. Is there anyway to change the 9 to a 30? I will be out of town on the 9th at a dog trial. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey John - just email the help desk. They will try to help you out!

I signed up for the Chattanooga river market orientation on april 2nd (did I see it got moved to the 3rd?)

Can someone tell me the specific address of the orientation? I contacted the help desk but they said to go to the forum, but I’m still not seeing that info anywhere. Sorry if it’s obvious - still learning to navigate this website.



River Market is at the Aquarium Plaza.

And it’s on Sunday instead of Saturday now?

No. Our full calendar is published on chattanoogamarket.com

Hello: I am a new vendor and am attending River Market Orientation on 4/2 at 8am. I watched the video twice, but was not able to determine where the meeting point is. I know to go to the aquarium, and where to park (or not park), but am wondering if there is a specific place the rookies meet. Do we meet at the stage, or in front of the aquarium? Please forgive me if this is stated somewhere and I’ve missed it. Thank you!!

Go to the aquarium, you will figure it out – find the gathering of people :slight_smile:

I suggest you send an email to the help desk directed to Jake.

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