Vendor RSVP System

We have switched over to SignUp Genius for all Market RSVP’s and have only seen about half of our normal vendors sign up for the July markets. You will need to click on the green “Vendor Registration” button on the each respective markets RSVP page to find all the markets.

You can use the tabs at the top of the screen to switch between months.

I highly encourage you to create a signup genius account so you can track all the markets you have signed up for. It will not track any markets you sign up for prior to you making an account.

The direct link to the sign up genius is: Tab Group

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Is it still possible to do the July 4th celebration in Collegedale on Thurs, July 1st?

I notice that the Chattanooga Market link has tabs all the way through November. Can you also post the direct link for the River Market for all those months as well, please. Thank You.

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Currently, only August and July are up for River Market.

Link: Sign Me Up

All registrations are accessible via the same page as before: And once you are on the Signup Genius page, the drop-down in the upper right (Show More Signups) links to the other market locations