2020 Market Update

April Fool’s has been cancelled… so unfortunately, this is a factual update.

  • Erlanger Market is going to remain closed for quite some time; let’s just consider it absent from all of 2020 for now. When things eventually improve, we will revisit.

  • The City of Chattanooga has cancelled all events through May; June 6-7 is our next target for Opening Weekend, and River Market.

  • Street Food and other events will be repositioned – I don’t know when/where, but we will figure out something.

Some Good News

  • After consulting with the City of Collegedale, who has strong experience with FEMA and related situations, we have agreed to tentatively schedule a Farms/Foods only Collegedale Market starting mid-May. No food trucks, no music, no arts/crafts – only items you would find at a typical grocery store.

Both the City and I agreed that this isn’t the best news for our artists, food truck entrepreneurs and other aspects which make the Market great – but it’s a start, and an effort to connect fresh/local foods to local consumers who need to eat.

More details to follow, but this May in Collegedale will be entirely outdoors, spaced far apart and will put a burden of responsibility on the farms/food manufacturers themselves to step up their health safety efforts.

We’re hopeful that June will bring a return to normalcy, and that all of our friends/family will remain largely unaffected by this global disruption.


Chris thank you for your hardwork. Small steps and faith we will reach the bridge. Let’s all stay safe and strong

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Thanks for keeping us updated

Hang in there gang. We will be together and complaining about the heat in no time

Thanks for the update. Stay safe everybody!