2023 Oktoberfest Load In Info and Map

Guten Tag, meine lieben Marktfreunde! Good afternoon, my fine Market friends! I’m thrilled to let you in on the finalized plans for this year’s Chattanooga Oktoberfest®!

Vendors can load-in starting at 1pm on Friday (not earlier) the 13th, and we will be onsite until 6pm or 7pm. Overnight CPD security will be onsite through the weekend. No walk-up vendors; advance registration is required.

If you need to load-in on Saturday, arrive no earlier than 8am and no later than 9am; the roads will already be sealed, so no late drive-ins except by special arrangement with Chris. The Sunday-only participants should also arrive between 7am-9am; crowds will arrive early on Sunday, and stay late.

Absolutely no parking on the sidewalks/entrances for this event, please. We’re expecting large crowds, and we need to put on our safest and most pedestrian friendly hats

Saturday hours: 10am-8pm; Sunday hours: 11am-5pm.

Oktoberfest Merch

If you missed out on the online sale of Oktoberfest Swag, we’ll be set up to offer you first dibs on the merchandise on Friday the 13th, starting at 2:30 p.m. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer the usual vendor discount.

Vendor Map

To ease the load in process, I’m attaching an overview of the vendor map. This is not intended to be the definitive reference. As always, some things may have to shift, so you will still need to come to check in for your final booth assignment. Looking at you, Food trucks - Chris will be onsite to load our food trucks in on Friday (after 1pm) and help ease some of the mayhem.

Booth Name Booth Assignment
Aart C9
America Runs On Pizza Q50
Anisa’s Secrets D27
Appalachia Wood F21
Artisan Works by Anne K17
Asarum - Sunday CC1
Baker Family Pastures - Sunday K37
Bearpaw Jewelry A11
Blue Light Studio F9
Bluff View Bakery D31
Boyd Woodworking H17
Brazier Moon I10
Burlaep A18
Burton’s Maplewood Syrup D22
CaliforniaSmothered Burrito S50
Chattanooga Clay Company I14
Chattanooga Kombucha M42
Chattanooga Showroom C12
Chattatater CC8
Chattown Candles K21
Chef Izin C27
Cheiman Tea C28
chilebrand I22
Classy Chic F14
claybyjessi I13
Cluster Funk Studio H12
CocoWick C10
CW Woodworking H25
Dad’s BBQ Philly Cheese and More X50
Daisy & Dukes A23
designs by berreis K19
Divine Purity F18
Dragonfly Crafts and Wreaths A26
Dragonfly Stained Glass Design K23
Earthly Indigo I17
Elena Johnson Art K13
Empty Nest Treats F30
Enjoying Eden, LLC K25
Escential Things C16
Evergreen and Market I36
Faces by Deb A9
Fairy Findings H21
FarmToMed H26
Federal Bake shop H38
Final Girl Vegan Food A1
Floral Bound A25
Fox & Forest Leather C23
Frazier’s Fabrication K11
Freaky Funnels V50
Fro daddy donuts N50
Fud Vybez N46
Full Circle Candles H29
Georgia Bison Company A22
girl almighty art H22
Gitts Bajan Pepper Sauce I29
Glass Cannon Studio F20
gogyrogo T46
Gorgeous Chaos Designs F12
Gowin Valley Farms F27
Green Skull Designs D14
griffins O50
Groovy Gardens F26
Grumpy Ole Goat K28
Halo Dips A28
Hartsyfartsy Caricatures K9
Heavenly Hill Honey K30
Heavens Sweet Tooth K29
High Road Soap D26
Highhpriest Design D16
Hoff & Pepper C26
Hudson - Sunday F32
I Love Tacos - Saturday CC1
Jade Lockhart BB46
Jar Masala I33
John arnemann D9
Jonny Poppers L50
Joyful hearts cafe BB50
June Imagined I9
KB Artisans and Forge H16
Kettle Creek Designs F15
Kevin Livingood Photography H27
King’s Elderberry I37
Lady Belle K31
Lalos Sauce I26
LCPP Walking Pet Balloons A10
Leaf Filter - Sunday H23
llorca creative media llc D21
Lola by Lauren D10
Lookout mountain glass D17
Lucky Cajun D24
Lucky Farms - Sunday K38
Luminary Clays C22
Luna Bijou K22
Macramé by B.Laurent C21
Madhouse Ceramics C18
Marshall and Rose A21
Miller Company D42
Millie Rae Co. C17
Mirth & Metal K14
Moccasin Bend Soap & Beard D18
MohMoh Asian Food Truck V46
Mudhoe Pottery Studio K15
MushroomTop Tea F29
Myers - Sunday K36
Nisha’s Flavors of India K32
Noble Woodcraft I21
Noke’s Granola D28
Nolis baked goods I34
Nonni’s Empanadas R46
Off the cart EE1
ONatural Shea products I23
Pa and Flowers Farm F35
Palmers tshirts and more A24
PawTory Works H13
Photography by Chris H14
Pickett wooden creations D13
Project Free 2 Fly K18
Ramble On Design F17
Real Cajun Market I38
Red Clay - Sunday H36
Red Eyed Rooster Coffee Co EE50
Renegade Jewelry F11
Riedel Gallery I16
Rock-N-Threadz A17
Rosemary Knoll H34
Ryan’s Pepperworks H33
Sali’s Creations H9
Seasons I18
Sky-Dog Boutique H10
Sleepy Hollow Herb Farm K27
Smokey Mack’s Bold Snacks A27
Smoky Mountain Sweets I41
Southern Clay by Ejide K16
Sowing Seeds Farm H30
Sponable Goat Milk Soap K20
StoneLink Designs I27
Strange Wicks Candle Co. C24
Studio Prima Glass K12
Suga’s Pimento Cheeses I30
Sugar Shoppe D34
Susan Parry I25
Sweet Girl Honey Farm F38
Tennessee Hot Pepper Company F39
The Kettlecorn Man F23
The Milk Lady - Sunday K35
The Roots A12
The Rustic House D12
The Waffle Iron X46
thistle + thorn clay co A16
Tracie’s Tasty Treats I12
TURNROAD LLC(TurnRoad Jerky) C30
Whiskey Nights Candle Co D23
White Oak - Sunday K33
Windy City Eatz P46
Wise Leatherworks H18
Wondering Watercolor C14
Words Matter K10

What are the chances of getting electricity??

We can never make guarantees, but I think we’ve been able to get electricity to your booth before, so I’d say 70/30 for.

I had someone else ask about electricity because they were concerned about lighting an outdoor event - I’m going to piggyback here and let everyone know that the pavilion does have lighting for the event, and we will have significant lighting in the front stage area brought in. There should be no trouble seeing, aside from possible beer goggles.

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thanks! it would be helpful if possible :slight_smile:

can’t wait!!

This is great news!
Thank you so much!