Chattanooga Marathon 2021 - 11/14/2021

Registration for Sunday, Nov 14 is closed. We might can handle another food truck or two, but otherwise all space is booked. No walk-ups are allowed.

Several essential details:

  • Reggie White is completely closed for the marathon; there will be no drive-in setup, and absolutely no parking on the sidewalks/front of the building. The areas in red are absolutely no-access during this event.

  • A large chunk of the facility will be dedicated to Marathon vendors/organizers. Your favorite spot will not necessarily be available.

  • The Market only offers 10x10 booths to vendors – this is the market/vendor guarantee without exception. On occasion, when seasonal conditions allow, we facilitate larger booth setups as a week-by-week, supply-driven courtesy – but not as an entitlement. Expect to occupy a 10x10 booth for this event.

  • Food trucks wishing to remain the entire weekend can contact us directly about a Friday load-in.

The Marathon will begin at 7am on Sunday, which means thousands of people will be onsite by the time you begin to arrive. You must arrive at the facility from 20th street, and cut into the pavilion lot near the Tower of Doom. See map for a visual layout.

We normally don’t host the Marathon, but COVID mandated cancellations and rescheduling created this unique opportunity. It may very well become a great partnership during an otherwise slowing-down period of our season, but it’s going to require patience and planning on everyone’s part.

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Chris are you saying we cannot enter from the back to load-in if we come in from 20th Street? Even if we come realllllly early? And are reserved vendors still in our spaces?

The venue will be in use from Wednesday. The event will be underway when you arrive to setup, so no drive-ins allowed. Season Pass holders should mostly be OK, but the front section (farms) will have race booths throughout that area. The middle/back area will look largely the same

I take a Food Truck spot if you have room . Let me Know