Chattanooga Market 2022

You’re the man! Thanks for your quick responses.

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Eric, a reminder that as a new vendor you will need to attend a New Vendor Orientation prior to attending your first market. New Vendor Orientation for Sunday Market will be posted at the same time as the sign ups for the market itself.

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Hey Lauren, we are signed up for River Market orientation on the 13th. Do you know when they are starting the orientation market dates for the pavilion?

Eric, New Vendor Orientation for Sunday Chattanooga Market at the Pavilion will be posted at the same time as the sign ups for that market. Thank you.

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Do you know when we can look for those pavilion and orientation dates to be posted?
Eric Frazier

Eric, Please see Chris’ Vendor Forum post below. It has the information regarding posting dates. As always, check the Vendor Forum regularly as we will make posts to keep everyone updated. Thanks!

Season Pass Applications will close on March 13, and we will begin invoicing selected/eligible vendors the following week.

Once we understand how many booth spaces remain, we will begin Registration for Opening Weekend on/before March 24. I expect this to sellout quickly; regardless, open registration will close on April 8 to allow for the starting paperwork/map to be created (it does take a lot of time/effort)

Moving forward, we will resume our rolling 6-8 week enrollment window; all May dates will be open for registration around April 1, June dates on May 1, etc.

Hey Lauren
Do you know if we are still on for the River Orientation tomorrow morning at 8am? If so, what is the address to the meeting place?

No - all weekend activities at River were cancelled. We will reset and do again next week.

Crazy weather!

Ok, where do we meet for the orientation. I couldn’t find that information in the forum, probably looked over it.

same location - a market orientation is always before the market setup process (seeing roll call is part of orientation).

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