May Registrations

Registrations for the Chattanooga Market events in May have been posted, and open for enrollment on April 1. Season Pass holders have a guaranteed spot, and do not need to register.

For those SP holders waiting on a spot assignment – I am working through the list now and will be in touch soon. Less than a dozen people to go!


Does this mean we get an email telli g us we can sign up for may? I tried and it said i wasn’t using the. Orrwct email address but had no problem signing up for April. Thanks!

No, they are posted to our RSVP system (see menu above). Same authorization list for Chattanooga Market April is used for Chattanooga Market May; no difference.

It still gives me that message. Not sure where it has gone wrong.

use the help desk, not the forum - we can’t diagnose your issue via the forum.

Chris - I wanted to commend the Market for not going up on our booth fees this year. When you look at what is going on with groceries, gas and other costs, to keep our cost the same is just wonderful! Thanks for all you guys do! - Connie

they actually did go up a nudge – but not to the level of everything else. and there is nothing to commend – it’s scary as hell! if things don’t level off, we might have to make in-season adjustments. Frankly, it’s a huge worry!

But thanks for the nice comment… we are conscious of the impact and don’t take it lightly. In the same breath, we don’t control inflation and are hopeful that those in power who do control it can reign it in so what we can have more predictabily in our pricing/future. I appreciate your kind words!