Chattanooga Market at Erlanger East Summer Series


Exciting news to share! The revival of our Chattanooga Market at Erlanger has been very successful, and Lauren has done an amazing job of interacting with the hospital leadership to negotiate several new opportunities. Due to the nature of the venue, there are a variety of limitations and requirements in order to meet public health and safety standards – of which I am not going to cover here. Rather, I’ll state that participation in these specific markets are hand-filtered in order to comply with their needs, and to join the waiting list you should contact Lauren directly at

Back to the fun stuff… two new expansions with our Erlanger partnership: we will be introducing a food truck to the main Erlanger downtown location, and we’re also launching an Erlanger East Summer Series which will include both indoor vendors as well as a weekly food truck!

The dates for the initial Chattanooga Market at Erlanger East will be Friday May 10, Friday June 14 and Friday July 12. Our initial group of confirmed participating vendors are:

  1. Federal Bake Shop
  2. Rosemary Knoll Eatable Delights
  3. June Imagined
  4. Wondering Watercolor
  5. Sponable Goat Milk Soap
  6. Tracie’s Tasty Treats
  7. The Sugar Shoppe
  8. Back to Basic
  9. Wise Leatherworks
  10. Divine Purity Aurapothecary
  11. Whippoorwill Woods Farm
  12. Smoky Mountain Sweets
  13. Sharon’s Creations
  14. Wiggles and Giggles

with the following food trucks:

  • May 10th - Bopcha
  • June 14th - Spill the Beans
  • July 12th - Jonny Poppers

Erlanger is very excited about this expansion, and we believe the Gunbarrel Road location is a terrific spot for a midweek market. After this initial series, we will review the feedback and decide on next steps.