Chattanooga Oktoberfest® Vendor Registration

We are only 81 days away from our largest festival of the season - it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Last year, we enjoyed very strong vendor sales, terrific weather, and wonderfully happy customers. We’re looking to continue and build upon the tradition, and have made several changes this year to improve the customer experience. Unfortunately, more space for customers implies fewer spaces for vendors - so this year will be a more competitive vendor enrollment process based on historical attendance, sales, and past festival results.


  • Oktoberfest was not included in the Season Pass this year; nobody has preauthorized access/booth placement in 2023.
  • The layout is unique for this event; very few booths will be in the same spot as the typical weekend. All participants will be assigned a space for this event (generally different than your normal weekly haunt)
  • We will have a solution of some sort for the Sunday-only farms; registration is still required, as it is our only method for knowing if you wish to participate. Just communicate with us, and we will figure it out.

Oktoberfest is a very expensive event to produce, with fixtures, sanitation, talent, security, and EMS adding up quickly. But the reward is also large - reported sales exceeded $590k in 2022! Our three-day format will remain the same as last year: Friday Setup, Saturday/Sunday festival with overnight security.

With an effort to keep costs contained, we have modified our fee schedule for this event:

  • Interior booths (normal farms, grocery foods, arts/crafts) are $120 setup + 10% of sales ($300/day cap)
  • Interior and Rear Food Court Festival Foods are $120 setup+ 10% of sales (no cap)
  • Reggie White/Stage Festival Foods are $160 setup + 10% of sales (no cap)

The additional $20/day assessed to the street vendors is to cover the extra overhead of sanitation, port-o-lets, and EMS. The removal of the sales cap on the Festival Foods categories is more straightforward - we need to increase overall collections to keep pace with the insurance and related expenses which have jumped significantly. Maintaining our 10% is important to us, and seems like a very fair approach.

Vendor Selection

  • To express your participation interest, please complete the online form here.
  • We will immediately begin reviewing the entries and providing a secure link on our registration system to those selected. Do not fall for Facebook scams; we do not sell vendor booths on anything other than our own vendor platform.
  • Selection will be based on your 2023 vendor sales, participation levels and 2022 Chattanooga Oktoberfest sales.
  • For the most part, we’ve been able to accept almost everyone who wished to participate in the past - and that may happen again this season. My hunch is that we’re going to run out of space, however, as the number of booths available is a lot less that normal.

There is no need for anxieties, just register if you wish to participate. Our Top 160 Vendors in 2023 have reported over $6,400 total sales for the season thus far; if you are in that group, then the odds are in your favor. A few just don’t enjoy Oktoberfest, which opens up space for others. Our goal is to reward the active participants who do well at the Market/Oktoberfest and attend most weeks.

I’ll be at the Market on Sunday, if you have any questions – we plan to get the fee system online early next week, and confirm people quickly. It’s going to be a fun festival, and we are now focused on all of those moving parts.



Hi - We definitely want to do Octoberfest. When I click on the link I get a message that it is the wrong URL?

help… please

Works now, THANK YOU!

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my fault - it was a security setting on the form. Should work now


Form done… Submitted fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Hi Chris, please confirmed form received? I did have to resubmit.
Thanks A

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DONE! - It’s my favorite event we do!


i hope we filled the form correctly … and actually sent it… ?? hoping there is room for us

So excited! We’ve lived doing this for years!

All forms are being received, even in duplicate @angelaebermudez :slight_smile: We’re working on setting up the payment gateway for next week, and will begin notifying people of how to register at that point.

If you don’t hear from us, no need to worry – I am quickly replying those people who do not qualify for some reason, so rejections are often very rapid. If you don’t hear back for a bit, you are either in the running or on the list pending notification. It takes hundreds of admin hours to get this setup correctly, glad to see all of the excitement though!


I would guess that this open only to approved vendors who have applied before the vendor applications were closed? Thank you

I would like to sign up for Octoberfest too.

Thank you,
Susan Parry

Yes - everything posted to this forum targets our active, approved vendor community. We are not yet ready to reopen applications, as current vendor participation levels are generally at/above our event capacities.

Hey Chris, it’s telling me I need an access code to access the form to sign up. I’m not sure what to do?

Miette - just follow the instructions in the post (above) and wait

I’m so sorry I didn’t see that, I was just trying to be fast in case it filled up lol! I submitted the form. I enjoyed it last year!

I never saw anything i know reserved vendors have to register please can someone call me?423-619-1867

read the original post above, specifically immediately under: Vendor Selection

I filled that out just a bit ago. Don’t know if it was received. Sorry

I’m sure we got it - thanks! It takes a while to move all of the parts into place.

Thank you sorry for all the confusion with me. I am not staying on top of things like I normally do with everything going on with my mother declining. I’m just trying to get thru day by day. Thank you again.