Chattanooga Oktoberfest® Signups

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - Oktoberfest season!

Registration has been open to market vendors for some time now, and it looks like many of you have already found the listing and registered. Thanks! This is one of our larger events, loads of fun, and we’re anxious to restart it in 2021 after a year absent.

Very important: registration for Oktoberfest will close on Tuesday, September 28. This is a full week ahead of our normal routines, but Oktoberfest takes more time to plan. No walk-ups are allowed; unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodated late registrations for those who miss the deadline.

For those who do register for the festival:

  • Friday, Oct 8 after 2pm will be vendor setup; you will be allowed to drive-in during this time period.
  • We have overnight CPD security on Friday and Saturday nights
  • The festival opens Saturday at 10am, and lasts until 8pm Saturday night.
  • We reopen on Sunday at 10am, and crowds will not dissipate until after 5pm.

Expect long days, big crowds and historically heavy spending. In 2019, the two-day combined vendor sales exceed $293,086! We are not allowing as many vendors into this year’s festival, so the total sales will be less, but the crowds are expected to be large - which is why we are keeping more space open for safety/comfort.

We hope you can join us – registration ends soon, and we will not be able to assist late arrivals. For more information, check out the festival website at

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Looking forward to Oktoberfest! When I registered there was only an option for Oct 9th for $85. If I’m reading it correctly it’s $85 for each day. How do I sign up for the 10th? I’m probably just missing the easy answer, but wanted to check to see if you could guide me in Completing registration for the whole weekend. Thanks so much!

Only one option - both days. You are set

So if we are season pass holders we don’t have to register correct?

Correct - Season Pass holders are good to go.

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Chris, I don’t remember if I signed up or not. How can I tell? Thanks!
Elizabeth Long

Liz, if you look at Kei’s question above reserved vendors don’t have to register. Chris please correct me if that’s incorrect.

Season Pass vendors do not need to register – they are already confirmed. Others can email the Help Desk, or check within your Signup Genius accounts.

Thank you! Should have looked a little further on…

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Could we set inside the pavilion or are there only outside spaces left?
Thank you,
Susan Parry

Most arts will be setup inside the pavilion; outside largely foods

Hi Chris, this is Mike at Mike’s Monster Cookies! We have been out of town tending to family members but are signing up for upcoming markets. Is their any room at all at the Oktoberfest market or the holiday market? I can’t find anywhere to sign up. Thank you so much!

The Oktoberfest deadline has passed, but Holiday Market registration remains open - click “RSVP” on the menu at the top of this forum (or visit Sign Me Up) to register.

It looks like Holiday is down to single digit spaces available, and we’re seeing a surge of interest on the Help Desk.

I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do it. I’m making miniature glass beer mugs and brats to help celebrate and am open to ideas

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