Congrats, Mayor Trey

Congrats to our Melon Patch Farms very own Trey Deck and family for finding something to keep them busy during the off-season! Seriously, well earned!

From the Times Free Press:

Trey Deck was elected mayor of Chickamauga in Tuesday’s municipal election, while 19-year-old Matthew Nave was elected to the City Council.

Deck and Nave often campaigned together, promising more transparency in government as well as an end to an alleged good ol’ boys network that favored some residents over others.

“I’m elated that I won,” Deck said in a phone call. “I worked hard. I did everything I feel like I could have done. I did everything the right way. And I’m just elated.”


Wonderful!!! Congratulations on your election… Next… DC! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to both of y’all

Congratulations! We’re happy for you