Erlanger Market 2022

Happy New Year! It’s with a bit of deja vu that I share that Erlanger has invited us to restart the Chattanooga Market at Erlanger in the next few weeks. While we’re anxious to restart this terrific market, the current headlines are providing some reason for pause – this market will be the first to close, and the last to reopen, due to COVID-related concerns. I do think we’ll see the Erlanger Market in 2022, but the next few weeks may warrant another delay.

As it stands, Opening Day for the Erlanger Market 2022 will be on Friday, February 11!

For those of you unaware, the Erlanger Market is quite small – about 20 vendors max, and they prefer an emphasis on fresh produce/local foods. We typically allow a few craft vendors to participate (consumables such as soaps do well), and we further book this market a month at a time (vs week-to-week, as with our other locations). Erlanger has restricted this market to exclude CBD and similar products. Also, all participating vendors should expect to wear a face mask at all times at this location.

Because space is so limited, we are going to activate a new feature on SignupGenius which only allows prescreened vendors to register for this event. With less than two dozen spots available, we are going to limit the initial pool of eligible vendors to 24-30 – enough to sell-out, but small enough that the core group of participating vendors will be able to renew from month-to-month and provide stability to the market. You need to create a (free) Signup Genius account to register for this market location.

Unlike our other locations, we take participation in this market seriously – no-shows or late cancels are frowned upon, as it clearly prevented another interested vendor from participating at this location. Not attending this event once registered will result in your removal from the Erlanger-approved market vendor list.

To restart this market, priority will be given to the vendors who were supporting it previously – and further curated by product type/diversity, and vendor priority points. To be considered for this market, please fill out the interest form here:

A side note: to minimize the disruptive nature of potential delays, we are not going to collect funds just yet. Further, if the reactivation gets pushed, we’re expecting that to be a small delay (rather than another 18 months) - so we’re hoping this application process will be a one-and-done. Fingers crossed!

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This sounds wonderful. Has this been activated as of yet? We went to sign-up genius but do not see anything currently. Thanks Chris

No - you first must fill out this form, and in late Jan/early Feb (as the launch date approaches) we will push the registration to those accepted into the Erlanger Market

Hello. Can someone tell me the setup procedures for the Erlanger Market? Load-in, parking, etc? Thanks for the info, Eric Jordan.

There’s a guide in the vendors handbook post. It shows the location and outlines procedures. They have a map photo.