Erlanger Market Registration 2020

We will be debuting our new Market registration system this week, starting with the Erlanger Market folks. The screenshot above is the entry page into the new system, providing you with an overview of the different markets/events – you will click on the market you are interested in attending to move onto the next step (currently, only Erlanger is activated)

The next page will provide you with an overview of the market, including setup rates, product restrictions and upcoming events – and in the case of this particular market, a new feature called the Monthly Pass. The Erlanger Monthly Pass will allow for you to register for all of the markets for a particular month in a single transaction and includes a Reserved Booth at no extra charge.

To register for a single event, you can select one of the events (on the right side of this display) and register individually. Note in the example, during testing, the Feb 14 Erlanger Market is shown as β€œsold out” – once an event fills up, registration automatically closes.

There are a variety of bells/whistles we can try with this new system/approach, and it might take us a bit of time to figure it all out. There are multiple reasons for changing:

  • our old system was clunky, and many people had trouble using it via a mobile phone. The new website is designed for mobile access!
  • many markets had empty spots because of no-shows/cancellations, and interested vendors were unable to attend because there was no access method for them to register
  • our new system has better emails, reminders and other goodies!

We’re pretty excited about how this new system will simplify registration and weekly processing, and will be encouraging everyone to register in advance in 2020.

The online registration cutoff for the Erlanger Markets will be Tuesday evening; late/walk-up registration will incur a $5 surcharge starting February

Gib will be providing everyone with guidance and hands-on instruction this Friday during the Market, so that our current Erlanger marketeers can get registered for the February markets. The system will not go live until Friday, so hang tight until then!