Head of the Hooch: Vendor Setup

Head of the Hooch: Food Truck Setup

The nine food trucks/providers who registered to attend Head of the Hooch are allowed to setup on Friday from 1pm-6pm; no walk-ups are allowed (if you didn’t register online, we don’t have room for you), and there will not be any in/out access of your vehicles during the event.

(As an aside, there are something like 20,000 people crawling around the closed downtown course area during this event – it’s not hard to imagine that driving a large vehicle/trailer through that type of crowd would be incredibly dangerous, difficult and thus there are strict guidelines as to when/how vehicles may move within the venue)

  • Friday, 1pm: Jake will be onsite on Chestnut street to assist with your arrival/placement
  • unless previously arranged, no power is available
  • quiet generators only

The event will begin at “first light” on Saturday (between 6am-7am), and conclude at dusk (generally after 6pm). Your vehicle will not move during this timeframe. Jake will coordinate with the venue/event managers as to when we will be allowed to exit on Saturday. The good news is that by being on South edge of Chestnut, we will be among the first to exit.

Head of the Hooch: Artisan Setup

All artisans participating with Head of the Hooch on Saturday will operate in a similar manner as our normal River Market. There will be an earlier roll call for those anxious to get started at 7am, but those arriving a bit later will find their usual Reserved Booth waiting them.

Hooch teams are setup in between the two aquarium buildings, so there will be a constant rotation of people from Chestnut, through the plaza, down the stairs between the buildings to the riverfront. This has worked out quite well for our participants in the past.

Note: Parking is going to be tight! I recommend that you arrive early, unload quickly and move your vehicle into a lot/structure before it gets too tedious.


Hi! We have only participated in River Market once, back at the beginning of the year. And this is our first year attending head of the hooch. I see it says an earlier roll call will be available, what time would that be? We do bring a trailer to haul our stuff, so would like to be able to get unloaded and out of the way as soon as possible with what time is convenient. If you could provide some insight into what would be a good time frame to arrive I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much

You can unload in the aquarium circle out front (Broad St), but Chestnut will not be accessible.