RSVP for Head of the Hooch

The RSVP for Head of the Hooch is live. All vendors minus our Food Trucks/Concessions should go on there to register. The event will be on November 2nd from 10am to 5pm, although I am fine with you guys hanging around later if the event is going well for you. Food Trucks and Concessions are welcome to stay on Sunday as well, also you will need to provide for your own power needs this year. Concessions will also be setup the same as last year and load in will start at Noon on Friday. If you have any question feel free to email


Arts and craft setups are Saturday only?

Yes - the crowd is much smaller on Sunday, and typically not great for arts/crafts. Most of the teams leave Sat night

Is there still room for food trucks, and where would we sign up if we wanted to do it.

No, construction still is taking place so we do not have our normal footprint. Hopefully next year we can return to normal!

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I usually stay set up both days but it is fewer sells on Sunday.

Much less people on Sunday. Saturday is the main college day, and teams (and their families) begin to leave as soon as their last hull finishes. Sunday is almost all of the “masters division”, which is anyone Over 21 :grimacing:

But it’s still a good day, especially for the food trucks. And the weather looks to be terrific this year!

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