III. C. 3. Tents, Tables, Fixtures, & Chairs

You are responsible for your entire setup (tables, chairs, paper towels, petty cash, tape, etc.). Tents are highly recommended if you anticipate setting up outside. All space at the River Market is uncovered, and as a new vendor at Chattanooga there is a strong chance you will not be under cover of the pavilion. However due to space and visibility issues, tents are generally not allowed inside the Erlanger Market.

All tents must be weighted and capable of surviving wind gusts common during typical storms. If you arrive without tent weights, it is at the market manager’s discretion to either give a verbal warning or ask that you not set up for the day. On a second occurrence, you will be asked to leave and risk suspension from the market. You are responsible for any damage or injury incurred as a result of your improperly weighted tent/booth.

A few additional details:

  • as the standard booth size is 10x10, your tent must fit within those dimensions
  • there are no color/branding restrictions for the tent, provided it remains tasteful and family-friendly