Important 2022 Dates

Happy New Year!

Things are starting to pick up, and we already have a very busy Spring planned. Here are a few important items for you to consider:

  • The Chattanooga Market at Erlanger reopens on Friday, February 11! Enrollment has already started, and we are intentionally keep it a bit light until we get the rhythm back again.

  • River Market will open for both Saturday and Sunday starting March 12-13 through Saturday April 16, where it transitions to Saturdays-only for the remainder of the season. The complete list of dates for season is still pending, and the Season Pass will be announced once we lock in the number of dates.

  • Sip TN Wine Festival will be held on Saturday, March 26 this year; they are returning to the larger format, with 1500-2000 tickets to be made available. We’ll be booking 3 food trucks for this event, and typically 12-18 artisan vendors. We will make further announcements soon, this is just a save-the-date

  • Opening Weekend is April 23-24, with setup on Friday April 22; we are looking to return to normal capacities, and significantly more street activations. Most of our themes are starting to get locked in, and I’m pretty excited about the artwork this year. More details TBA

  • We are once again partnering with HITs96 and their Running of the Chihuahuas’ event, and will be seeking several food trucks/providers. This is traditionally one of my favorites, and I’m happy to see it return on Saturday April 30. Save the date!

  • On February 4, there will be a special announcement about an event to be held at the Stadium on Saturday May 7; we will be looking for 6 food trucks to help service a crowd of 25,000. We will also be hiring a large number of seasonal crew members to assist with soft drink sales, beer sales (if you are qualified), etc. This is going to be a good one! Save the date

Finally, if you are not a vendor then the New Vendor Applications will be going online soon. It’s going to be a great season!


All great news! Will you still be taking requests for permanent booth locations in February?

Good stuff!, thanks for all you hard work!

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@Sfarrow56 – as soon as we get our dates locked, we will be sharing our Season Pass information. Just like last year, reserved booths will be included with the Season Pass.

Good things take time :slight_smile: We’re working on it!


Thanks so very much for sharing we are truly looking forward to 2022 events!!

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AWESOME we can’t wait to get started back up.

Awesome news, Can’t wait to get back.

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Awesome, looking forward to an amazing season!!


Awesome. Thanks for the update!

Yayy for the Running of the chihuahuas, we love that event too hope we get in as a food truck!!

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Will the announcement about the May 7th event at the stadium be posted here .

Looking forward to getting back to the Market! Did I miss the February 4, special announcement?

We are looking forward to getting going again as well! I submitted for Erlanger. It looks like regular registration for the upcoming events is not open yet. Is that correct?
Thanks so much!


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Roxanne, you are correct that only the Erlanger Marketnsign up is live at this time.

Does anyone know when sign-ups for March at the River Market will open?

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YAY! Looking forward!

I’m so excited to get signed up— I keep checking the site!! Whoop whoop!


I don’t see the Erlanger market sign up on sign up genius. How do we sign up?

April registration has not yet been posted; it will be listed within RSVP soon

For some reason its not showing anything available for us to sign up for. What do i need to do to fix it?