Reminder: Vendor Meeting this Week!

Don’t forget - the 2020 Vendor Meeting is this Saturday, March 7 in Founders Hall at the Collegedale Commons! To RSVP, visit here:

It looks like we are going to be at max capacity for the event, so please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Also, note that the exclusive registration window for Reserved Booths and Returning Food Trucks for the Chattanooga Market expires on March 22 – everyone is required to register in advance if they intend to attend. Vendors in this group were sent an email, by me, with registration instructions, so check your email and get busy!

Finally, River Market Opening Day is posted online and filling quickly – at this time, there are only 9 spots remaining! it’s a great Spring market, and we hope to see you there.


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Is River market on March 21st a prepaid event? Thanks

Yes. Advance registration for all events are recommended and encouraged, and payment is required in order to register.

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Hello Chris! We’ve been getting some info upon request from Tucker and it’s much appreciated, but I think there’s a disconnect on us being on your contact list. We are a returning food truck vendor but have yet to receive any emails that you are mentioning above and in prior posts. We are eager to register for opening weekend. Thanks - Justin w/ High Grounds Coffee

I just read the emails between you and Tucker, and everything was covered.