IV. F. 7. Jewelry

Commercial components must be secondary to original handcrafted components. No unaltered commercial stone settings are permitted.

Commercial bell caps, commercially made pendants, fetishes or ornaments, half-drilled beads on posts or commercial stud earrings are among the components that are not allowed unless they are incorporated in a handmade component which causes them to become secondary in the piece of jewelry.

Stringing single strands of commercial beads will only be allowed based on creativity of design, pattern, color, and texture. Any stranded-product crafter who does not use hand-created beads falls into the beadwork category. This is one of the most over-crowded product categories in our markets, and consequently average sales per vendor are subpar when compared with other product categories. Although we do not arbitrarily restrict the number of vendors in a particular category (we embrace an open-market approach), we do suggest that you avoid participating with only beadwork items; the market is very competitive.

All jewelry must be removable. No permanent jewelry is permitted.


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