Handcrafted Merch

I think I posted this under the wrong category when I posed this question earlier today
I have noticed that a lot of new vendors are selling items that are clearly not handcrafted, particularly those selling jewelry. When I applied to be a vendor, I had to submit pictures showing the process of how my items are made. It was a really big deal to me when I was chosen to be a part of the market family.
I reread the rules. They are the same. I also saw that there are some people on a waiting list wanting to join the market.
In my opinion, allowing vendors to sell non handcrafted items ruins the integrity of the market. So I guess my question is, why are people allowed to do this?


A little curious about this, too.


I have not been to the market for a while because of Covid but I also saw this when I was still coming I hope to re-join y’all this fall

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Bakers sell frozen goods as well…
I keep seeing it every week.
Its sad for those who work hard on their products!

This forum isn’t intended to be a rant space against other vendors. Every vendor with us produces their own goods through some form of process, although everyone uses parts/supplies made by others. And yes, some are more talented and produce better artisan goods than others – and thus become more successful and higher valued creators.

If you want to lodge a complaint against someone, use the help desk.