June Market Registrations

Registrations for the June Markets will be posted online soon. There are a few very important details:

  • all capacities are based on certain restrictions driven by the COVID-19 strategy; we all expect that those directives will shift somewhat by summer, although we do not yet know how
  • it’s very likely that additional booth locations will be added to existing markets once we receive that guidance – but for now, we are dealing with the structure currently requested by government policy

Season Pass prepaid members will also play a role starting in June:

  • if you received/paid an invoice for a Season Pass 2021, then you no longer need to register for those covered Markets starting in June (the Season Pass is by definition prepaid market registrations for every market in the series)
  • registration slots have been reduced to account for the prepaid Season Pass members; River is notably impacted, as Season Pass interest for that location is extremely high.

If we are later able to expand/increase our vendor capacities, we will reopen sold-out markets and increase the available booths at those locations. There is not the ability to maintain a waiting list with our ticketing system, but an announcement will be posted to the forum if/when those adjustments are made.


Have the invoices been sent out? Have not received mine

I’m trying to register now for June but it’s not letting me, it’s not showing up.

Please email the Help Desk for those questions – I don’t know, but feel that many have been issued/paid already

Registrations are rolling in, so they are definitely out there. You might try hitting refresh on your browser. Sometimes those types of quirks resolve with a bit of time.

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I did that, it’s showing June for the Chattanooga Market ( essential Market) but when I go to the River Market it shows up until the end of May…

you were absolutely correct – River is fixed now, and I’ll nudge the other two markets. People were able to register from the email notification

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Thank you so much for your help.