Chattanooga Market July Registrations (#2)

Why do something once when you can do it twice?

Registrations for The Chattanooga Market in July are now available – but through our new registration system. To enter, click the Green Button on the bottom of the event listings, or click here. Note that May and June markets are still only available at

Moving forward, the event registrations will be offered with an external service provider to increase stability/accessibility – it’s not as fancy/elegant as I normally like, but it does seem to work very well. And in the end, that’s what matters!

Tucker has all of the Chattanooga Market events through the end of the year listed, but they won’t activate until 60 days out – so July is now available, but August will not be available until June 1. With capacity levels returning to normal, participation should be accessible to everyone who wants to attend provided you register in advance – last minute efforts are typically troublesome. Plan ahead, and you should be fine!

Collegedale is also online, and all future markets (including Holiday) will be migrated to this new system soon.

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Not to beat a dead horse, but having paid all 4 weeks for July, and the confirmation not being accurate, how should I handle this?I know you said you’d make me whole, but I don’t want to screw up. (See what I did there, using two “old saws” - now three!)

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Hey! I have the same issue, I registered and paid under the old registration before it was taken down. I emailed the help desk but haven’t heard back. Can you fix this internally or do you need to refund us so we can re-register? Thanks!

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As I mentioned before, the five people who registered for July with the bad dates will be taken care of. No worries, handled. Confirmed.

Thanks for helping us to identify the quirk early, which allowed us to fix things before they really got out of hand!

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Just wanted to find out why the vendor number changes from one date to another? Thanks

Well, as the City/County/State/Feds let us open up further - we increase capacity. And regarding River, we are limited to our venue partners there and their COVID plans, so still restricted. All available registrations fluctuate based on the number of spaces available minus the number of season passes already booked.

Does that answer your question?

I just booked 30 may, and it had 120 plus spaces, but 23 may was sold out at 120 spaces?

Chris, how do we sign up for July River Market , is it same as Chattanooga market with Sign up Genius? Cant find River Market. Please help, thank you !

Oh - don’t try to figure that out, it will drive you mental. The registration software developed an ailment, which is why we are switching to the SignupGenius platform.

@Sali all registrations are still from the same point of discovery ( – but I believe most of July at River Market is already booked. We’re still operating under limited space at that location. Starting in August, River Market registrations will be via SignupGenius

Thanks for clearing this, Chris!

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Hi Chris!
I am receiving an error to register for June 20, it shows spaces available. This is the on the old system. Also did I miss the link to sign up for the beer festival May 29? I have emailed but I haven’t received a response so wanted to make sure they are going through.

Thank You!!!

I believe your Help Desk email was responded to - send another request if you are unable to register for June 20, it does show as having space available.

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