Launch Day at Erlanger East

Erlanger East

First, we want to say THANK YOU to all vendors who participated in the Summer Series launch at Erlanger East today! We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the Erlanger staff and the front desk was pleased with our ability to adapt to the flow of a new setting so quickly.

Now, on to the numbers.
Total Vendor Sales Wednesday at Erlanger Baroness: $2,332
Total Vendor Sales Today at Erlanger East: $2,943

Of Note:

  • Both markets had 14 vendors inside with one food truck outside.
  • A vendor who typically makes up the largest percentage of sales at Erlanger Baroness was present Wednesday, but absent today.
  • Food truck sales were comparable between the two Markets, so the difference did not come from increased food truck activity at East.

While some vendors found sales at Erlanger East a little slow compared to Baroness, overall Erlanger East was more profitable for vendors as a whole this week and today’s vendor sales at East would match Baroness on an average week.

We look forward to our next Market at Erlanger East on Friday, June 14th! Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th so come ready with great gifts for dad!

Don’t forget to tag @ChattaErlangerMarket on Instagram and The Chattanooga Market at Erlanger on Facebook when posting items for the next Market. We LOVE to show off all the amazing things patrons can find when they shop the Chattanooga Market!


We appreciate the work you put in Lauren!!