Let's show you off, what do ya say?

We’re getting excited for Opening Weekend!!! For some, this is like Homecoming (I know it is for me). But, we do have a LOT of new vendors, which is also exciting!

One post-COVID lingering detail is that the local TV stations are still not allowing me to bring visitors :-1: …and so I have to (for the third year) get creative with our media coverage. I WILL be going back to in-person interviews in a few weeks (thank goodness I’m moving out of my kitchen). But, for the time being, it will be alone.

What this means for you is that if you want to GET NOTICED :eyes: I need you to email me (melissa@publicmarkets.us) photos, photos, photos. Now, please make sure they are high resolution :white_check_mark:, good quality :white_check_mark: photos. If you have trouble with this, ask me to drop by your booth to take some photos for you. I can not only put your quality photos on TV (and talk about you if you give me good bullet points), but I can share you and your awesomeness on social media as well. **Please allow a few weeks from the date of me receiving your email for this to happen.

You heard it here folks…if you give me content, I will share it! :loudspeaker:

I’ll see you soon, Melissa


Awesome we are so looking forward to the opening weekend!!

We are new to the BIG nooga market. We’ve been to the River Market a handful of times and have really enjoyed our time!! Very much looking forward to seeing everyone and showing off all our handmade stuff. Lets do this!

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