FYI - Our Marketing Engine

Tara Viland (Collegedale and River Market Manager) and I were talking this morning…I was filling her in on what all we do to promote/advertise/market not only our Markets, but our vendors.

So, I thought it would be a good time to share that information. Everything in our marketing plan includes coverage for ALL our markets, in some form. And there are opportunities for you to take advantage of what we are doing! SHARE our social media and tag, tag, tag. Send us pics of what your doing - Inquire about joining me for a television segment too!

The following repeat WEEKLY:

  1. Two TV segments on local channels ABC and NBC where we often feature vendors.
  2. Radio interviews on HITS 96, Sunny 92.3 and WUUQ as well as :30 spots running throughout the week on all three stations.
  3. Chattanooga Times Free Press - full page ad
  4. Social Media engagement - multiple posts weekly (often boosted) to highlight vendors


  1. Billboards for key events covering Chattanooga and surrounding areas.
  2. Full page ad in Local Fare each month highlight calendar events.

Hi Melissa,
We are a new vendor - Artist Jeff Fulkerson. I was wondering if we could chat about marketing opportunities.

Also, I wanted more info on the Wine market on June 5th but I don’t see it now.

Thank you!
Roxanne Fulkerson