Market Report 10/16

As we enter the final few weeks of our outdoor series, sales remain supportive - over $80k at the Chattanooga Market, with Erlanger stronger than normal and River starting to fade for the winter.

On a Year-To-Date basis, Erlanger is now in the six-digits, River is on pace to finish the season in the mid-600’s, and Chattanooga just busted $4m. We’re definitely going to top $5m as a whole before Halloween, as November brings in the Holiday push.

A quick reminder: the Chattanooga Market closes at 4pm, and early breakdown/departure is not condoned. Attempts to leave early only further erodes the momentum for everyone else; if you don’t want to stay until 4pm, take the weekend off – we’ll catch you next time.


Chris I can’t remember when do we sign up and pay for a season pass.

Hi @Keipete – they will be announced in February, with a deadline of early March (ahead of the River Market Opener).