2022 Holiday Market Breakdown & Load Out

They say that all good things must come to an end. And so, the 2022 Holiday Market will close its doors after this Sunday after what has already been a record-breaking run!

This will also mark the close of the 2022 Season, so a few housekeeping notes about breakdown and closing out the year at the Market:

  • Please be sure to make your envelope drops each day this weekend; your status will be suspended if we do not have reports from you. We had a few people who were not invited back this year because of this issue, so please do not let this be you!

  • Unlike the load-in process, leaving the facility is somewhat of a mass-exit event. It’s first-packed, first-out – but please be courteous and recognize that if you are not ready to leave, your vehicle does not need to be in the loading area.

  • In years past, we’ve been able to get everyone loaded out by 8 pm. Let’s see if we can continue that tradition! That being said, we’ll stay later if needed (within reason), and a patient approach makes everyone feel better about the final moments of the season.

  • Early Bird Registration for 2023 closes at 6 pm on Saturday, December 17th, so make sure you’ve signed up on Sign Up Genius before then if you want to keep your spot for next year. General registration will open in early July 2023 for everyone else.

  • Our offices (email, phones, forums, etc) will be closed for a couple of weeks; you might get a response, but odds are you will not until after we return.

*Our Erlanger Market will take a break for the Holidays, but will start back January 4, 2023. If you don’t see the event on Sign Up Genius and want to participate, just shoot an email to the help desk and we’ll get you added to the invite.

*River Market is tentatively scheduled to start back March 11th and 12th, 2023. Opening Weekend for the Chattanooga Market is April 29th and 30th, 2023. We’ll start posting about these events 60-90 days before the events, so stay tuned to the Vendors Forum for more information and to find out about sign ups!

A huge thank you from the Market to everyone for an amazing 2022 season! And a very special thank you from me, for your warmth, welcome, and especially patience with me during my first season!


Thank you staff for a great season. Looking forward to next year.

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Will the River market be both Saturday and Sundays until the Chattanooga Market opens? I see there are dates for 2 days the opening weekend and wanted to double check. Thanks!

Hi Brittany - River will be both Saturday and Sunday until the weekend before Easter, and then we’ll go back to just Saturday.