Chattanooga Market May Registrations now Available

The May Markets are now published online for registration. A few updates:

  • Space is going to be limited for a while longer; we’re running at about half of our normal target capacities.

  • To prevent mandatory vendor gatherings/clusters during the historical check-in process, booths will continue to be assigned by the Market Manager. Aside from fresh produce farms, who do not know when their crops will be ready for harvest until days prior, we are asking everyone to register in advance - walk-ups (in general) not going to be allowed.

  • Additional space is held in reserve for fresh produce farms; contact us if you are unable to register for a market, but will have produce/able to attend. We do have space set aside for your anticipated arrival.

  • The registration window for Opening Weekend was open for several weeks before we reached capacity, which tells me that overall market participation is “accessible” for all vendors/types. Additional space/capacity exists at River and Collegedale, too.

There’s not a lot we can do differently at this particular moment, but I’m hoping that by July the restrictions are less and we can enjoy more participation at our flagship location.

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