Reserved Booth Locations, Requests, etc

FYI, I just noticed some comments in the registrations for people asking for specific booths, etc. Unfortunately, we can not honor those requests. Only Season Pass holders are able to participate in booth selection process:

If your product needs protection from the sun – bring a tent. If you want to be in a predetermined location, purchase a Season Pass next year – we do not have the ability to satisfy everyone’s special requests. New vendors, in particular, will likely be placed outside for several years – there simply is not sufficient space indoors for everyone.

We’ve also had a number of Season Pass/Reserved Booth holders who have not been participating very often. If you are a frequent no-show, we are going to release your booth back into the general pool so that more participants can be placed indoors. Once you are ready to return, notify us via the Help Desk and we will reactivate your Reserved Booth spot.

As was pointed out in the above-linked announcement regarding Season Passes/Reserved Booths:

We only want our regular, frequent market vendors to hold Reserved Booths. Infrequent participants are definitely still welcomed, but they are not entitled to hold a permanent spot.

Season Passes/Reserved Booths are not land-grabs - we want active participants. COVID definitely has shaken things up a bit, and we fully appreciate that and are not taking any actions at this time against people, but over the long-haul we want those spots to be frequently used by the season holder. It’s really quite a challenge to scan the market to see who didn’t show up, and find the same repeat absences. A full market looks better, and works better, for everyone involved.

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