Inactive Season Pass Holders/Reserved Booths

A quick discussion/reminder on Reserved Booths as provided with Season Passes:

We have a handful Season Pass holders who have not attended the Market in a while; some, not at all this season. Health and unplanned personal crisis contribute to some of the absences, while others we simply have not heard anything from.

As the Season Pass is intended for our frequent vendors, the following policy will apply towards our absentee vendors:

  • Season Passes will be honored for the remainder of the 2022 Season, and prepaid booth setup fees applied towards markets as agreed.

  • Reserved Booth will be suspended until the participating vendor notifies us in advance of their return; drive-in and same-day show-up rights are suspended. Once we hear from the SP vendor (minimum of one week in advance), the RB will be reinstated.

  • More importantly, automatic renewal of 2023 Season Passes will not be guaranteed for the absentees. If there is a good reason you’ve been unable to attend this season, then chat with us – but the goal of this program targets the vendors who participate in 95% of our season.


You definitely have on record that I surrendered my booth a few weeks ago, right? (I miss the market but made a good decision.)

Yes - you (and a few others who have been actively communicating) are not the issue. I’m glad you are happy with your decision, and we wish you the best of health!

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Chris not sure if you are aware that my mother had a Massive brain stroke and we are having to be with her 24/7 so we have missed 2 markets already because we had no one to sit with her. We hardly ever miss the market and we want to continue to be season pass holders for next year and we most definitely don’t want to loose our booth. We just don’t know from week to week what the future holds, but as long as someone can come stay with her we will be there and will continue to let someone know if we can’t. This has been a shock to us all.

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Kei - I had no idea, I’m so sorry. Prayers to you and your family; I know that process is very difficult. Your season pass/booth is definitely not at any risk, even if you need to be absent for an extended period of time. Health crisis are unavoidable and can never be planned! This post was not even remotely intended for you, as you’ve been in attendance the bulk of the season.

Thank you Chris from the bottom of my heart for understanding. We will take all the prayers we can get. We feel like we are in a nightmare.


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I do my best to notify when I won’t be there. Had to go to Maine to help my parents move and then Louisiana for a wedding. In addition we have obligations with our new food truck close to home. I’ll look at my calendar and provide a list of dates in which we will not be able to attend. I’m also have issues with some of the distributors that I get my ingredients from and cannot always get what I need. I’ll do my best to be there this fall as much as possible.

Sorry Chris we have now been able to attend for a few months. We have had personal matters happen then a round of covid that went through both our families in stages.This took quite a while to get through everyone not to mention the after covid issues. We predict we will be back at the market soon, we miss being there. I will let you know when we are able to come back. I do know that we will not be there for October fest. I will email you when i figure out how :thinking: