River Market Parking

It frustrates me to repeat this announcement, but market vendors are not allowed to park in the aquarium lot. I just received yet-another email from our hosts expressing concern because trailers, vehicles and other market actions are impacting their parking lot. They are supportive of our market on their premises, but the agreement is that their parking lot is left open for their visitors.

River Market Parking Rules:

Here is the deal: We are not going to jeopardize the future existence of the River Market because a vendor or two can not follow this relatively simple (and well-documented) restriction. Please help us to help you, and please help your neighbors be aware of this requirement.

We will be forced to impose IV. A. 6. Standard Enforcements & Penalties if the problem persists. Suspensions are not limited to a specific market, but all markets – please, please, please help us to solve this issue.


Sorry to hear this Chris! It’s sad. We tend to park in the parking lot across street! It’s same price, ur not saving any money guys. If you don’t pay, they will tow you.


I am wondering if vendors from the other event are parking in there.

It’s possible, and has been considered. But there has also been a known issue or two within our ranks. We can only be good partners and uphold our end of the agreement - the event in the green can handle itself.

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