Attention River Market Vendors

It has come to our attention that we have vendors parking in the Aquarium parking lot. Let me remind you that the Aquarium has asked all vendors and employees not to park in this lot. Also you CANNOT unload in that parking lot. The horseshoe is the designated load/unload spot for all vendors. We have posted about this several times and it is also in our vendor handbook which I have attached below. THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!! The next time Jake has to ask you to move your car we will suspend you from the River Market! The Aquarium is nice enough to let us have a market there and they can be nice enough to ask us not to come back if our vendors can’t follow the rules.

We have had a great start to the River Market Season let’s keep it up!!


I was told by one of the parking attendants that we could load and unload in the parking lot provided someone remained by the vehicle and we had our trunk open. Also, to limit our time to about 15 minutes. That is what we have been doing and then we immediately move our van to the parking lot across from the green. If that is not allowed, I will certainly just use the horseshoe, but I thought we were allowed to use the parking lot as long as we loaded and unloaded quickly and moved. I apologize if that wasn’t right.

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I’ve been told the same by the attendants, but more importantly Jake has said multiple times that we are allowed to load/unload there. If that’s changed now, that’s fine, but the only reason anyone’s been loading/unloading there is because we’ve been told it was ok.


Unfortunately due to your fellow vendors that aren’t following the rules everyone now needs to unload in the horseshoe. This keeps us in good standing with the Aquarium.


That’s unfortunate that people messed that up for us.

we get there before 7 am and spend no more than 10 minutes unloading at our space. we have been loading quickly as well.

we follow the rules set by Jake and the aquarium as expressed at the orientation.

it has made it possible for us and other older vendors. with health issues.

i will pass it on to Phil. and guess we will change our load/unload protocol

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exactly, and with rules about not loitering, etc

How are you going to fit 30+ vendor cars in the horseshoe area? What about the horse carriages that are there in the afternoon? There have already been problems with them. I guess we will see how it goes.

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I would recommend a system like hotels use. The vendor provides the make/model/color/license plate of their vehicle to the Market. At 9:30 and randomly throughout the day, Jake could walk the one lot and if he sees one of those vehicles parked there, he goes to the vendor, tells them to move the vehicle or suspends them from the Market.


thank you for giving us a heads’ up - we picked up our dolly and loaded it for tomorrow.

too bad we lost that ability to load and unload. it will make it more difficult for everyone.

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So are we to park in the horseshoe for roll call and then unload? That’s going to be a logistical challenge to do all that and be set up by 10. Could roll call start earlier to allow more flexibility with unloading and getting set up? It’s usually just me at the events so that makes it a very tight timeframe for one person.

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One thing that will help with that is to not just park and then leave your car there until roll call is done. What people will end up needing to do is park, unload, move your car to a suitable lot, then go to roll call, then move your stuff to your spot and set up.That’s about the only way all the folks will be able to get in and out in a timely manner.

LIkewise at the end of the day, you shouldn’t just park and then breakdown, move your stuff, and load up. You’ll need to break everything down first, then move it, THEN bring your car over, load up, and head out.

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@TereseaP You park, unload, move vehicle to a day parking spot, then roll call to select booth and setup.


So we can unload in the aquarium parking lot? We are told every week that we can unload in that lot, not everyone can fit in the horseshoe so this is confusing

It’s not confusing: the failure of a few to follow the simple, basic rules has resulted in the suffering of the whole.

If you see someone violating the very modest rules which ultimately allow for this market to exist at this prime location, then say something to the violator - and to us. It’s really that simple. Otherwise, the market can cease to exist.

We go through this every year, and people try to bend the policy. But this requirement is firm. Vendor suspensions are up next, even for season pass holders. The aquarium lot is their revenue stream - it’s our collective role to protect and honor that end of our agreement.

Behave and be nice, people. It’s really that simple.


Thank you for update and clarification. We unload in the horseshoe then my husband parks on the street since its free for handicap parking. Then we load up either in the horseshoe or at the end of the street

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Agreed Chris.

We as vendors failed, simple as that.

We veteran vendors failed to help the new vendors understand the rules of the unload and move.

We as vendors didn’t hold our fellow vendors accountable when they are doing things improper.

This market is just as much ours as it is Jake’s. Let’s do better folks.


exactly, we have a responsibility to keep the market viable…

It is pretty short-sighted to jeopardize a great market by putting one’s self above the community… and more than a little selfish… :frowning:

That being said, loading and unloading were smooth and easy… Speaking for us, the little bit of extra walking was actually easier and less frantic than unloading and loading from the parking lot…

A lot less stress.

we sincerely hope those insisting on special treatment rethink their priorities and stay with the market. We love them all.

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