River Market Spring Break Season

Spring Break down on the Riverfront and around the Tennessee Aquarium is going to be BIG this year! If you’ve already signed up for March, good for you! It there’s space left for others who are still considering, I wanted to let you know a few highlights about Spring Break season March 12 - April 10.

River City Company, Tennessee Aquarium, Discovery Museum and others in the Riverfront District have put together massive plans to advertise Chattanooga as a family spring break destination. This is why we’ve committed to have our River Market open BOTH Saturdays and Sundays during these five weeks.

At the River Journey end of the River Market (on the Chattanooga Green in front of Agave and Rye) there will be live music, activities, games, and other performances during this spring break period—bringing in even more visitors who will come to shop with us!

On Saturday, April 30th, the Tennessee Aquarium will hold a large 30th Anniversary party in conjunction with our River Market—we’ll close at 6pm that day. Expect a larger crowd then as well.

I hope this information helps as you make your plans this spring :sunflower: :sunny:



This is awesome Chattanooga Is such a beautiful place!!

Any idea when April Calendar to register for River Market will posted.

soon - thanks for the reminder