River Market July Market

We’re thrilled to see the Tennessee Aquarium begin to reopen, and I’ve just published July market dates to our registration portal. As a reminder, approved market vendors should visit https://publicmarkets.us/register to signup. Deadline for the upcoming weekend is always on Tuesdays, but often sells out in advance.

Because the Aquarium is such an important cornerstone to our economy, the Chattanooga Tourism Company (formerly CVB) is focusing the city’s entire July 4th weekend campaign around it – and around the River Market! We are partnering with them on a special three-day event, starting Friday July 3 and continuing through Sunday July 5. We will have the River Market underway 10am-5pm all three days, live music and FOOD TRUCKS! Just two, but two of OURS!

According to the aquarium marketing team, advance ticket sales have been strong and there is solid demand from people within a two-hour radius who need a staycation – a quick trip to Chattanooga is a great relief to COVID stress. We’re pretty excited about this, and proud to be a key partner in the restart of downtown tourism.

I’ve mentioned this in the other market updates, and although we had great compliance over the last weekend at River I might as well repeat it here:

We’re seeing more people, including a few of our vendors, become less focused with their safeguards (masks in particular). Regardless of your personal beliefs or strategies towards the COVID19 crisis, we must comply with State and CDC guidelines in order to remain operational – which means that our vendors must comply with our stated policies. If you can not get behind that strategy, then please do not attend. I am not willing to risk the collective benefit of the Market over one or two vendors who are unwilling to support the recommended preventative measures.

Stay safe, everyone – we’re in this for the marathon, not the 50-yard dash!

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Hey! Excited to get back this weekend. If I have a young child who has to attend market with me, is she required to wear a mask? She will not be interacting with customers, just sitting in the booth.

The market is not going to require your child to wear a mask, but the CDC does recommend that they do:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children 2 years and older should wear “cloth face coverings” when they are “in the community setting” to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Update: I just visited the Aquarium, and the parking lot was packed – they are having a very wonderful Opening Thursday! Expectations are strong that July 4th weekend will be solid, and we’re putting our marketing shoulder behind the efforts, too.

Just wanted to share - I’m getting excited about this summer downtown!

Chris, I see a separate registration for the three days, do we have to attend all three days together to participate or can we sign up for any day? Thank you

Sali - just the day(s) that you wish to participate.

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Perfect! Thank you, Chris!