'Tis the Season to Spread Some Love (Marketing Love)

Our Holiday marketing and advertising plans are really shaping up!! :mrs_claus: :snowman_with_snow: :christmas_tree: :gift: You’ll see why you don’t want to miss participating in BOTH Collegedale and Chattanooga Holiday Markets this year…here’s what we’ve got planned to support YOU:

  • Dedicated 4-week billboard campaign for EACH market throughout the metro area
  • Dedicated 7-week print advertising for in TFP starting November to cover BOTH events
  • Poster campaigns dedicated to EACH market throughout the metro area (poster plaster)
  • In-market signage currently at EACH market
  • TV promos with dedication to EACH market
  • Radio interviews/advertising as garnered for EACH market
  • Paid/boosted social media campaigns for EACH market on FB and Instagram

What can you do to add to our efforts? Pls. start sharing our social media events! Here are the links:
Chattanooga Holiday Market
Collegedale Christmas Market

You may have noticed…but if you tag us on social media we’re likely to share your post! :star: :star:That’s the great thing about Instagram and Facebook. If you don’t tag us though (and make your post public), we won’t see it and therefore not share. Try it! You’ll find it to be fun to see your posts get a lot of traction :moneybag: :moneybag:


Great news! Thank you for all the efforts!