(Connie Roberts beautiful hand painted ornaments)

Have you taken advantage of our HUGE social media audience? If you follow our social media, and read the forum regularly, you know that I’m always reaching out to give you more marketing opportunities…We are ramping up our efforts for Holiday Market and this is yet another opportunity to showcase our vendors. Of our hundreds of vendors, I typically only get 5-7 who respond to these opportunities. So guess what? These select few are getting TONS of exposure. If you want to take advantage of our marketing efforts (nod your head, yes) here is what I need:

  1. Email me high quality/full resolution images (
  2. Include a description of what these products are
  3. Give me your FB and Instagram handles so we tag you correctly



Thank You Melissa!!!

I always tag the market when I’m there and not once has my story been shared. I’ve also tagged the market in posts when I say I’m going to be there and these are some new items I’ll have with me and also not shared or even “liked” for that matter, so I stopped.

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Is there a map of vendor spaces assigned for the holiday market? Thanks!

Ooo I was just wondering about this - I will send this over ASAP

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All, every time I’ve been featured it has driven folks to my booth who are specifically looking to purchase. The post this morning has already gotten close to 300 likes, and I’ve gotten several new followers. This is an awesome free service with exceptional reach for your business! Thank you Melissa!


Send Melissa the jpgs and when she posts, it will be on the market’s feed. When you tag the market it gets you in front of folks who follow the market and on their tagged feed, and that is a good thing for you to do as well.


Thanks Connie…consider teaching a class… Have a great show.

Thanks Melissa. I appreciate the post.

Big shout out to Melissa for the great promotions for the market. I had several sales as a result of people looking for me from the tv show and social postings. Thanks for all you do!