Updated Erlanger Market attendance information

Hello everyone,

We are changing the way the Erlanger Market attendance works as of the beginning of November. In the past the Erlanger Market has been a curated event, this has led to some feeling left out of an opportunity that others are receiving. We will now be allowing anyone who is an approved vendor to attend. There will be an RSVP event for each Friday that will be open and allow up to 10 vendors at a time to sign up. This may be expanded in the future if we have the space however.

The Market hours are 10:30am to 1:30pm. We will have roll call at 9:30am and it will be based on priority points like every other Market. We do have reserved spots at the Erlanger Market and these have been set aside for vendors who have been attending the Market regularly for an extended period. If you are a reserved booth vendor you will need to be there by 9am to ensure that your spot does not get given away.

If you sign up on the RSVP site for an Erlanger Market and are unable to attend you need to email us ASAP and let us know you cannot attend. Failure to attend without prior notification will get you temporarily banned from Erlanger Market participation. This is to ensure that the limited amount of space we have isn’t wasted.

We hope this change allows for more opportunity and continued growth for the Erlanger Market. I look forward to seeing you all and hope this eases some of the concerns you may have had.

Have a great day!


Hey there! Does this mean we have to RSVP too…or is this RSVP for new vendors

You have a reserved booth at the Erlanger market.

What size are the typical booth spaces? TIA

How do you get a reserved booth at Erlanger? I have been going but didn’t know anything about reserved booths

Reserve booths are currently maxed out due to space, if you haven’t been informed you are a reserve booth vendor then you have not been selected for one. In the future if we have the space available I will select new reserve booths based off of consistent attendance.

About 6-8 Ft for new vendors. 6ft tables are recommended.