V. C. 3. Erlanger Baroness Market: Parking and Procedures

Hello everyone,

This guide will be for new vendors who have not attended the Erlanger Market. Attached is a GPS image of the location of the Erlanger Market. You will take East 3rd Street until you hit the intersection with Central Avenue. Take a left onto Central Avenue and then you will immediately take another left to turn into the road that leads into the parking garage. Please note that the parking garage cannot accommodate any vehicles 7 feet or taller.

From there, follow signs for the Medical Mall. You will need to take a parking ticket to enter the garage. Please be aware that vendors are prohibited from parking on some levels - there are large signs saying “No Vendor Parking” and “Patient Parking Only” to indicate this restriction.

When you get ready to leave the Market you can hand your parking ticket to one of the employees at the information desk in the center of the atrium and they will validate the ticket for you so you do not have to pay upon exiting.

Once you have parked, head to the 2nd floor. This is the floor where the bridge across to the atrium is located. You will need to unload your products onto a cart for easy transportation across the bridge, or your can unload from the horseshoe on 4th street and then park. Roll call will start at 9:30 AM and you will pick a spot based off priority points like our other Markets. The Market runs from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!


Also, choose the Medical Mall instead of hospital side when parking. This choice is after you go thru the ticket machine.

Thanks for the info!