Vendor Setup/Reporting Procedure (a refresher)

There appears to be some confusion with a very small group of vendors as to the correct setup procedure – I’m here to help clarify the process.

  1. When you arrive at the Market, you check-in at the front desk and buy your daily sales envelope. At that time, you will also receive a day parking permit. You will not receive your envelope, nor your parking permit, until your daily booth fee is paid.

  2. You select your booth during roll call, and head off to prepare for the market day.

  3. At the end of the day, you return your completed sales envelope to the front desk and drop into the box. We accept cash or checks; payment of sales commission using a credit card is discouraged, and will incur an additional surcharge of $5.

You will not receive your Priority Points unless your sales envelope is dropped on-time. A $250 reinstatement fee is assessed to vendors who fail to drop and do not contact us to arrange settlement in a timely manner.

By and large, the majority of our fine community has been following this simple process without trouble for years – thank you! But a select few have started to “game the system” to the extent of not paying their setup fees. So here’s the deal: if you are struggling and simply can’t afford the setup fee that day, come chat with us and we will work something out (pre-market setup and post-market cleanup always goes faster with some extra hands).

But otherwise, not paying your fees is theft against the Market - violators will be promptly removed from our approved roster.