Weekend Report 6/18

Father’s Day was a good weekend, and we saw good sales for the week. The cooler weather has definitely been enjoyable, and it appears that we will have pleasant weather again this weekend.

Reminder: Food Trucks need to be in place prior to 9:30am, and the road closure does not open until at least 4:30pm – this is a safety protocol, well-documented in the vendor handbook, and jumping the curb to leave early is not acceptable. CPD will ticket violators in the future; help us keep the public safe and just plan on departing at the scheduled time.

Vendor: Segment ↑ Venue ↑ Sum of Gross Sales Average Gross Sales Record Count
Concessions First Horizon Pavilion $27,516.36 $982.73 28
Tennessee Aquarium $3,906.75 $1,953.38 2
Subtotal $31,423.11 $1,047.44 30
Food & Agriculture First Horizon Pavilion $55,154.06 $967.62 57
Erlanger Medical Mall $2,130.47 $355.08 6
Tennessee Aquarium $7,953.29 $611.79 13
Subtotal $65,237.82 $858.39 76
Home Goods First Horizon Pavilion $21,399.03 $419.59 51
Erlanger Medical Mall $481.00 $80.17 6
Tennessee Aquarium $10,811.84 $569.04 19
Subtotal $32,691.87 $430.16 76
Personal Goods First Horizon Pavilion $24,091.48 $547.53 44
Erlanger Medical Mall $806.00 $201.50 4
Tennessee Aquarium $10,419.72 $548.41 19
Subtotal $35,317.20 $527.12 67
Services First Horizon Pavilion $7,813.32
Subtotal $7,813.32
Total $172,483.32 $687.18 251

For the observant, there is an interesting (and relatively uncommon) detail in the stats above – does anyone spot it?

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     now i am  curious.. watching.

What is Services :laughing: I’ve never noticed before

Services are things which don’t fit into the other segments, including alcohol sales. But not the detail that I found interesting.

I went back and forth on the reports, only think I saw was 4 more vendors in the count and you bold typed the totals. And personnel goods beat Home goods.

What I found interesting was that the individual vendor averages were better at River Market than at the Chattanooga Market this last weekend (with the exception of farms, which is understandable as we do not have a lot of agriculture at River).

Tourism and downtown living seems to be strong for River, and Father’s Day creates it’s own distortion field for sure – but River was quite impressive.


I’ve always thought the River market was stronger than the Pavilion. The tourist factor ,they are only there for the day. At the Pavilion they come back every week, if they don’t want it ,they can always come back next week.

for certain categories, the tourism flow definitely has a strong impact at River

we are considering doing both.

I’m guessing it’s Services. I’m not sure what that entails

Average gross sale, I don’t remember that in the past.

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What type of vendors are under the concession vendors at the river? Looks like there’s only two of them and their sales are extraordinary!

we have a rotating fleet of food trucks with season passes that participate at River

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